Unit-32 Porfessional Ethics

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Hi, I'm doing an ethics sim from Premier Training one of the questions is...

Why is reflection a necessary part of your development plan?
Explain the benefits of completing a reflective account?

I really dont know what they are talking about. I've looked for mention of these "reflective accounts" but nowhere can I find any info, not in my text book anyway.
Is it another way of stating your CPD plan, i.e. taking into consideration and complimenting what you have already learn't...

I'm not sure at all.
Any suggestions?


  • Molly76
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    Basically , when you plan your development you need to think what you have learned so far, what are your strenghts and weakneses so you can plan what you need to learn and what skills to develop to perform at work to the required standards. So you cannot really plan if you dont reflect.

    About your second question: Rewflective Accounts is what you do for your NVQ. If you are doing NVQ then your assessor sould have explained it to you and how to write RA. Im a bit confused here: do you still do simulations when you do NVQ path? Im happy to explain about RA if they are the ones for NVQ .
  • fireitup
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    Hello Molly
    I think I was in a bit of a hurry to post my question, it is the diploma pathway I am taking.

    You have already made things a bit clearer to me, thanks for that.

    Of course any more info would be superb, I did take a break from the studying due to a new job and I'm getting back on track. Need to get this module out the way and back to some figures.

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