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Hi all

I'm considering starting an AAT course, just looking into things before I decide to use this course. I've looked around the web and AAT does appear to have a good name.

So far Premier Training seem the best to go for, does anyone disagree? Do I have to start paying my aat membership fees as soon as I start studying or from my first exam?

Is there anyone else in Scotland who studies with AAT?

I've looked at the places where I can sit my exam and those places have level 5 certificate, level 6 diploma and level 8 diploma, instead of level 2 certificate, level 3 diploma and level 4 diploma. Does anyone know what's going on here?

Thanks in advance.


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    I am studying with Premiere training and I have found them very good. I think you can register with AAT when you like but you can not enter any exams until you do so. I signed up with AAT straight away. The only problem I found was that I had to travel a distance to sit exams as the local colleges would only accept their students. But with the new CBA exams it is easier as they can be done locally. Good luck
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    I've been trying to find a place to do my exams on a free schedule, but no luck so far, also, most places I contact only sit exams for their students.

    Can anyone who has done the AAT course in Scotland tell me where they sat their tests please. (of course this applies only to people who did the distance learning with premier training etc.).

    Thanks in advance.
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    Exam Venues


    Dundee College are on the list provided by AAT as an external venue. There is also the Orkney Isles! But then I suppose you might as well travel to a centre in England.

    Some of Eagle Education's distance learning students are ready for the new exams, so come on AAT let's get them started.

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    I studied AAT at Kaplan in Glasgow and i'm 99% certain they allowed non-students to sit AAT exams there.

    Re your fees, you need to pay your membership fee before you start AAT and you'll need to pay the exams fees before you sit the exams.
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    Im studying with Premier Training and havent had a problem at all. Even with my first tutor leaving quite soon after i had started (Im not that i ?) he was replaced straight away with a new one who i have to say as been excellent in returning my work promptly and explaining where ive made mistakes.

    Go for it!!
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