Unit 21 and 22

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I need to do these two units to finish the intermediate level, although I am half way through technicians. Does anyone recall how long it takes to complete these and are they hard. I thought I was over with the projects when I finished unit 10 but now I have 2 more. I think I can also take them as skills test but I believe it is best to do the project instead.
Any one done these recently?


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    These are the irritating units of AAT!

    I would start with health and safety first as its only 2 elements and its straight forward - just use internal polcies and legislation which is easy accessible on internet. I did start aat september 2008 but only got a finance related job last July so I started this round january and got it handed in around late February - I would honestly say this would take around 2-3 weeks max if it was done regularly but I have other things to do as I started level 3 last august so was doing them together.

    The personal development one is quite a big one but is is easy as you just do stuff about yourself and how you plan your time in work. My level 2 was only competent around July 16th.

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    As the pp said these are SO IRRITATING!!! Don't underestimate how long it takes to complete them please!!! I'm not in work at the moment so had to do both units using the scenarios and seemed to take ages...the Health & Safety took me around 4 wks and Personal Effectiveness took just under 2 wks. It's not that they're overly difficult its just that it takes ages researching the relevant info and then applying it to the scenario. I'd say H & S one was more difficult to do as I was unfamiliar with all the relevant legislation etc...
    From looking at both units and listening to comments from fellow students on my course the H & S one seemed easier for those in employment because it involved gathering bits of evidence from work i.e project based, whereas the Personal Effectiveness seemed okay for all regardless of whether we were in work or not.
    I passed both of these last week, thank god.
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    Don't be put off by the other replies. You don't need to do the personal effectiveness project as that's only at Level 2. At Level 3, as you rightly said, you only need to do Units 21 and 22. Unit 22 is the Health and Safety project, as others have pointed out this is fairly straightforward. Unit 21 is working with computers and is even easier.

    Who are you studying with? Most providers have their own way of assessing these units. Some will provide you with a guide as to the things that you need to include and then it's dead easy just to put it all together with a bit of writing as well. Some have their own in house assessments. Some just give you the standards and expect you to get on with it (not particularly helpful)

    If you knuckle down to them and make a concerted effort to get them done they shouldn't take more than 1 month each. Unit 21 you could probably do in one evening and an hour or so at work pulling together the work based evidence.
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    For working with computers I just asked work to write a letter to my study provider (their suggestion) and the letter did just contain that I knew how to work with computers, that I know how to save, open and backup files and what software programs I work with.

    For the Health & Safety unit, I wrote a quick project, I think it was 2 pages, added all health and safety policies at work and my studyprovider gave me a questionnaire to fill in which showed that I knew how it was arranged at work.

    Is there something similar you could use? Doing it this way it took me maybe two days arranging things at work and typing it out at home.
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    thank you so much for all he replies. I was feeling a bit daunted but i dont think it should take too long now. I am studying with Premiere training and I am picking up my pen now to start unit 21 working with computers. I just want to get the level 3 signed off now as so close to finishing level 4. Most people leave the big project 10 to last, I did it early but atleast it is out of the way.
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