Can anyone tell me about how CBA's work?

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I'm currently studying level 2 with Premier Training and I chose December for my exam. I know the skills tests are done on a computer, but I read that the exam can be too, at any time of the year. Is this right?

Obviously it can't be done at any random place like the skills tests can, does it have to be at the offices of my training provider? And can I really do it at any time of the year? Even if I ended up doing it in December, I think I'd prefer doing it on a computer.

Any info on this will be appreciated. Thanks.


  • coojee
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    Your tutor at Premier should be able to give you all the information you need about this. I'm surprised they haven't already told you.
  • smulx
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    they didn't provide much information about exams and stuff when I enrolled. I could email them and ask, just thought I'd check here first for an impartial opinion. They might only advise me on options that they'll benefit from, when there might be other things available to me.
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    It doesnt have to be done at the office of your training provider, but check to make sure you havent already paid for you exam in your fee, in which case it would be silly to go somewhere else.

    BPP and Kaplan let external students use their computer rooms, and i was told by BPP that they dont charge you a fee for using their rooms, just the exam fee (which then gets paid to the AAT for you..)

    Hope that helps!
  • smulx
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    Cool, thanks. So it doesn't matter where I do it, the people I sit the exam with will just inform the AAT of my result and along with my skills test results, I'll get my certificate? And it also doesn't matter when I actually sit it?
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    You can sit them anywhere providing that centre accepts external students. As Jaffasgirl points out, you may have already paid this fee with your training provider so double check this first, then if not its simply a case of getting on the internet and researching centres local to you, then phoning them up and asking if they accept external students.

    I did my CBA this way as I am with Premier Training and their centres are miles and miles away from me! I live in North Cornwall so researched centres local to me, and did the test in Plymouth with a seperate centre.

    Hope this helps!

  • smulx
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    Thanks for the advice, that was really helpful.

    How do you find which centres offer the exam, or is it just a casing of checking with different companies until I find one that does?
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    i am with premier training and i did the cba exams and to be honest, they were not that bad. I just rang kaplan and spoke to their nearest centre and they said yes straight away, told me a date, i turned up and they were brilliant. I got the results immediately and they then informed aat and my records were updated. It was much easier than trying to find a centre to sit the exams, kaplan would not take me as an outside student for written exams only cba exams
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