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This is all very new to me, and i am very, very stuck. I have the POS Ltd simulation to use for the report, but have no clue what i'm doing or where to start. I don't really have a tutor, as the tutor that normally covers this unit is leaving so am a bit in limo and have no one to ask anything of, so any help is very much appreciated. Haven't even seen a report to look at and get ideas from. So if anyone out there can help me, please let me know. I want to quit, because of this.


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    You project should be written to cover all the PC K&U and RS for unit 10.
    It is absolutely imperative to read and understand what your project writing should cover.

    therefore read and unerstand these thoroughly, and always keep them infront of you when writing the project work

    The unit 10 project is divided into 6 parts

    1 Analyse and evaluate the employees working in the accounts departments (Pchse ledger, Sales leger, payroll, costing, stock control, etc) for the competency to do the job. If they are not competent then positively recommend and arrange training. (PC10.1B) you must also describe here atleast one activity each employee does in their role and cover the following PCs -PC10.1A, 10.1D and 10.1E (all the pc are logically linked)

    2 Accounts manager's role who will pepare accounts and vat returns etc - KU1. He will also be responsible to the upper mamagement and refer to them any problem that can not be solved by him beacuse it may be outside the scope of his authority - eg give a higer credit limit to a customer. PC10.1H

    The accounts manager has to co-ordinate and motivate the staff that he may be responsibe for. Just as he had to get the autorisation for some some work from his superiors, he need to encourage and help the subordinates in a similar way. PC10.1G

    3 every accounting department (Pchse ledger, Sales leger, payroll, costing, stock control, etc) should work efficeintly throughout the year. Therefore a contingency plan must be developed and adopted when employees are sick, on holidays or when there is more work then ususal (eg month end). A coningengy plan must also be developed for computers in case of hardware or software failure -PC10.1C, 10.1F

    4 Select and analyse one accounting department (Pchse ledger, Sales leger, payroll, costing, stock control, etc)
    prepare a SWOT analysis and a work flow chart of that department.
    Read your case study and and identify at least 4 weaknesses that can be improved upon. write on at least 2 of that weaknesses covering PC10.2A, 10.2D, 10.2E

    5 write on one on the weakness that you will have identifyed in your SWOT to cover a possible FRAUD and it's effect on the business. Pc10.2B write your recommendation on how to improve or prevent that fraud occuring. you will also nned to do a fraud matrix table. search this forum for an example.

    6 From your SWOT analysis you will need to do a Cost benefit analysis and show how your recemmendation to improve/solve a problem will save the company costs, time and make that activity efficient. PC10.2C. and what will the effect on that recommendation PC10.2F

    to start your project

    1- draw an organisational chart of the company and

    write about the structure of the company and how it is organised to cover KU12, KU13 and KU14
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