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Hi everyone, im after a bit of advice if possible. I'm 27 and thinking of a career change. I have seen the qualification that AAT do and it seems like a great way for me to go. The worry i have is that fact that i have pretty bad GCSEs and only have a GNVQ in bussiness.

So my question is if i go ahead and start the AAT qualification am i going to have much of a chance of getting a job after? or will my lack of past qualifications hold me back? I dont want to start the qualification and then not have a chance of getting any where to work.

Any advice would be great




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    I think the problem you will have is the lack of experience, which is the problem I am having.

    I was made redundant and noticed that a lot of jobs (at the time) were requiring the applicant to hold an AAT qualification which is the reason I took the Foundation course, unfortunately I am not getting interviews as I have no experience!

    I think the course is worth doing as it is another string to your bow, and it shows that you are willing to learn, but unless those of us with no experience can find an employer to take a risk on us it really isn't much of an advantage.
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    I see that you have said that you wanted a career change which i completely admire (I had the same revelation just under 2 years ago when i was 24!)...

    Would it be possible to study the AAT qualification while you are still working where you are ? I say this as i can imagine that its going to be incredibly difficult to find an accountancy position without experience.

    Could you possibly study the AAT by distance learning while in your current job and look into maybe a finance role within your company ?

    Thats what i did and nearly a year later i am looking at getting promoted, as my boss as said that she's so happy with how i am getting on with the course off my own back. She has even put my name forward to get me funded for my next qualification.

    Well, your definately in the right place for advice. So hang around and get some ideas.

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    Just go for it, if it's "you". I'm almost 40, & have just completed AAT. I took on some work experience with local government & got a pretty well-paid job out of it. Now I've just landed a job in practice & am really looking forward to at least another 25 years of doing what I enjoy.
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    wow! Andypandy - that's an inspiration to us all! it's really nice to hear a positive comment when so many people are struggling to find jobs.

    Kilo05 - I decided to go into accounting after about 10 years of general admin jobs when I was a couple of years older than you are now and I still love it. I think accounting is one profession which will always be in demand. You will have to start on a fairly low level because of having little experience, but that is only temporary and, providing you are prepared to put in the hard work, in a few years time you will be able to move up.
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