Marks/Percentage needed to pass AAT (BTC) Exams

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Does anyone have any ideas what kind of % we would need to pass each section of an AAT exam?

I have found all of the AAT exams pretty easy apart from my one final exam in BTC where I was so happy to be finishing, I just didn't read the question properly and didn't time apportion CA's. ARGHH. Having looked back over the paper, I recon I might have hit 70% in each, but does anyone know roughly what % we will need to be competant?

Some people were saying around 80% is needed so I'm worried.

Can anyone help?


  • Jan
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    This question pops up every few months, usually around exam/results time!

    Unless things have changed there is no hard and fast % rate, you have to prove you are competent.
    If you have only made one mistake, I wouldn't worry too much.( Besides which there isn't alot you can do about it now.)
  • blobbyh
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    Ah, the old chestnut question usually quickly followed by the other "Why can't we see our pass rates?"

    Don't worry about what you can't change. One difficult question at least attempted is better than one not attempted at all and if you did okay elsewhere on the paper, it's unlikely you'll have failed.

    And as for the other question, that's just the way it is - same as your driving test and other skills. I personally don't want to know if a heart surgeon is only 51% competent yet still good enough to cut me open!
  • A-Vic
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    lol robert can i answer that one? :lol:

    But yes same times every year the same questions are asked - i do woner tho if AAT may move over to the same marking style as ACCA or CIMA and give you an overall percentage
  • Matt444
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    The new syllabus has a pass mark of 70% for each and every cbe.

    I'd assume the paper based would be a similar sort of % ?!
  • exam panic
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    you sound very confidence I think you will pass
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