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I went for an interview today, I think it went ok, only time will tell. The company do not have any financial package at the moment, everything goes on to excel and are looking to put everything on to Sage Professional, which is what I would be doing, I have only used Sage Line 50, please can someone tell me is there much of a difference. Good/bad points etc....

Many Thanks


  • Jan
    Jan Registered Posts: 654
    Have you has a look on the Sage website, it usually has a list of what each different package will do.
    I've used various Sage versions and have found once you know how to use one it is quite easy to pick up the others.

    PS the professional version is a multi user/multi company Sage Line 50, so you should have no problems.
  • Beautiful_bobo
    Beautiful_bobo Registered Posts: 106 ? ? ?
    Mnay Thanks. I will have a look at the Sage website.
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