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Thought I would advise everyone not to use their My AAT password for any other logons as AAT staff are able to access the passwords.

As I was unable to open any of the links the AAT send on their newsletters I contacted them to ask if there was a problem. They later rang me to ask me to change my password as they had run a program to find out what my password was so they could access my details as me.

I understand that they may have had to sign in as me to find out the problem, what annoys me is they rang me less than an hour before to find out exactly what path I was following on their website yet did not either ask me for my password, permission to use it or suggest I change it to a temporary one so they could use it.

After being told they had found out my password I contacted two people at AAT to complain. I have now waited two weeks and neither of these people have had the courtesy to reply to my email.


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    I would immagine that any organisation that is allowing you to open an account with them (electronic information stored/held in their main frame computers) would be able to access your passwords; including credit cards, banking, other financial institutions and internet providers (e-mail).

    Even if they can not access your passwords, they should be able over write your pass word and/or over-ride the password requirement.

    An example of this is say when you have forgotten the pass to access your youtube account, the system will ask you for your e-mail a/c to change your password to a new one. To change to a new password you are not required to enter your old password.

    If their systems are not secure, then hackers can easily get to that information as well.

    There was a time when I believed that the word documents are safe when password protected. Not so because you can down load a programme from the internet to reveal the password and/or overwrite it with a new one.

    I suspect a need for such a programme may have come about because of a resentful employees locking important documents with passwords.

    the only consolation is that the information in "Myaat" account was accessable to AAT staff any way. Any information on that accounts would also have been avilable to them via student services data base. So nothing is lost.

    incidently any PM sent on this forum is accessable to AAT forum adminstrators. Be aware!
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