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Hi, I am about to start studying this level nd am thinking about doing it distant learning. Do you have any recommendations of which provider to go with.
I was thinking Kaplan but noticed some of you have said they are really slow in marking your work and not much support given. What is BPP like?
I did the intermediate at college but they are not running the course anymore and I need to get sorted as the exam results are out on Monday for my final exam.
I know this level will be harder but is it achievable without tutor support on a daily basis?
Thank you in advance:)


  • katsutlieff
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    I would highly recommend Eagle Education, they are a fantastic learning provider and the materials they supply are very good. They do the e learning on this site so if you get on with that you will get on with the study buddy. You will be given a named tutor would is on the end of a phone email etc and gets back to you asap.

    Good luck
  • valentino46
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    Please consider Premier Taining, they are a distant learning college, but from my experiences are excellent.

  • Lou1234
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    Do a search on this site on various distance learning providers. I did that when I was searching years ago (I've stopped and started for personal reasons) and went for Premier Training.

    I've always had my assignments marked and returned in very good time, same as my skills tests. The tutors are available until late 2 nights a week which is great if you work and want help in the evening. Always get e-mails back quickly as well.

    It helps that I have support at work as well. If I am stuck I'll often ask my boss first as it is easier having something explained to you in person rather then on e-mail or over the phone.

    You have to make sure you make time to study which can be hard to do if you have had a hard time or just can't be bothered!
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