Full/Student Membership fees?

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I have had my application for full membership provisionally approved, pending Monday's results. One of the criteria for receiving my results is that my fees are fully paid and up to date.

I thought I had paid my fees for the year back in october but when I have gone to 'outstanding fees' there is an amount of £74 relating to student membership, this wasn't there a few weeks ago when I last checked.

I would have thought that this would have been blank until Monday when, pending successful results, I would be required to pay the full membership fee, reduced due to further study with ACCA.

Has anyone else had similar problems - i've emailed AAT about this but they can take a couple of days and i don't want something like this to hold up release of results.



  • Monsoon
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    dantray wrote: »
    i've emailed AAT about this but they can take a couple of days

    I'd phone them :)

    Good luck with your results!
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    I have had exactly the same thing happen to me. As far as I was aware everything was paid and up to date, yet today when I log it in says I have an outstanding fee of £74. Normally when the fees are due I get a letter! I've been panicing myself how long that fee has been sat there, whether it has just appeared or been there a while, in which case I might not get my results.
  • dantray
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    well i checked mine in the last week or so and it definately wasn't there so it has only very recently been added.

    i'll ring them later on and find out.
  • Sparkly
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    I called AAT Membership Support. A recorded messages tells you that any fees due by 1st June need to have been paid by 31st July. I spoke to someone and they confirmed that the fees showing on my account are not due until October and will not affect release of results, so hopefully it will be the same for you. The person also wished me luck with my results which I thought was rather nice of them.

    I hope this helps.

  • CovTeej
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    I had this too, had a heart attack when it said I fees overdue! It's the fees for next year's AAT student membership, not due until September appararently, I am not going to pay until I have found our whether I have passed the exam or not!!
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    i have a dd set up and rang them they said am paid upto date and any future fees will be taken on 1st sept and 1st oct
  • dantray
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    panic over then - at least until sunday night!
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