Does AAT send certificates out regularly every month?

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My college missed me off when they were submitting all the results, i contacted my teacher and she went in to submit her side of the results but the IV is off on holiday until the end of August. I realise there is little i can do but is it a matter of the IV just submitting the results and then AAT will raise my certificate? i just want to know if there wont be another issue with it like they only raise certificate certain times during the year or not?

I am so fed up of my college i just want to have passed the foundation and then see what happens next. Thanks x


  • Andypandy
    Andypandy Registered Posts: 526
    I don't know how regularly the cert's are sent out, but the AAT DO seem to be 'on top of their game', so I wouldn't worry too much - I'm sure you'll get them eventually.
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