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Hi all,

I have 2 tax returns for a year then another for a week to take it up to the end of the month (19/3/09-18/3/10 and 19/3/10-31/3/10).

I have completed accounts for the period ending 31/3/10.

How do I complete the Tax Return for these 2 different periods? Do I need to re do the accoumnts for both periods?



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    personal self assessment? corporation tax?
  • aicbaicb
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    1 set of accounts needed

    Presumably you mean CT. If so, only 1 set of accounts is needed, but 2 tax computations, as a tax return cannot cover more than 1 year, whilst accounts can
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    That's great, thanks for your help guys!

    The tax computation is simple, no allowances/adjustments. Would I work out the profit for 19/3/09-18/3/10 and then profit for 19/3-30/3/10?

  • Anne Boleyn
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    On my tax computation I work out the adjusted profit figure for the total accounting period and then apportion the amount between the two CT600s.

    For example; for your dates 365/377 x adj profit goes on the first Ct600 then 12/377 x adj profit on the second.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Anne, that is fantastic! :-)
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