What do i do now?

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Hi, i failed all 3 of my exams. Dfs, pev and pcr. Very disappointed as i felt i had got throug 2 of them ok. I study through distance learning, can someone let me know what happens next? Can i request copies of my papers? I'm thinking of re-sitting dfs in december. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated, obviously i'm pretty gutted at the minute. my advice to anyone is don't move house when you should be revising. Andrew.


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    Andrew, don't be disheartened - sounds like you've had a lot going on. PEV, PCR and DFS in one hit was very ambitious if you're doing it on your own distance learning.

    Perhaps you could find a study buddy locally? Or it may be worth trying to get onto some revision courses.

    I also notice that this is your first post, so you would be wise to come on here and read through the posts - you'll be astonished how much you pick up.

    You can do it, but perhaps need to try more manageable chunks and not overdo things?

    A x
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    You can request to see your papers from the AAT, but I think you have to pay something for it.

    However, don't get disheartened. I know that is hard, but you got this far, you can do them!
    Try and realise that doing 3 papers at the same time, just after you moved might have been too much, and focus maybe on just one or two for December? Or if you found out it's just a few small mistakes, try and learn all three for December, but with focus on either DFS or PEV/PCR so you know it all inside out and are fairly certain to pass at least one of them?

    Don't give up. Just feel disheartened for a bit and then pick yourself back up and focus on the December exams!
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    Really sorry to hear that andrew, please don't give up.You know where you went wrong, you moved house which is such a stressfull time, believe me I know.

    I really don't think you can get copies of your papers, a shame I know cos you see where you went wrong. Have a look at the answers when they come out, see if you can see what went wrong. But DON'T give up, yeah it's a bit c**p you got to resit but it's only a few months away. Hey and at least you've got your nice new house!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    what a shame. i hope you dont give up as you have come this far.

    You can download past papers from here and go through them again just to see where you might have gone wrong, as everyone has said, on here is a mine of info and everyone is so helpful. we all support each other and no questions are stupid questions.

    the forums have helped me through my exams and i think i would have failed 10 times over if it was not for the excellent and friendly help on here. you have a range of students, past students, tutors and full accountants who are all excellent.

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    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry to hear you failed your exams. I was in the same boat as you - I had been on the council waiting list since Nov 2006 and at the start of May I was offered a house which I moved into on the 22nd May.

    Things got on top of me and I took DFS and BTC. I have always struggled with FRA/DFS and ended up walking out the exam in tears. Consequently I found out I passed section 2 of DFS so I am halfway there so to speak! I somehow passed business tax and was in tears of shock this morning.

    My advice is maybe split up the remaining exams. PEV and PCR come hand in hand so why don't you give those a go in December or DFS if you prefer that as I have taken 2 years to do Technician and am still plodding on but each little step makes me feel great : )

    Edited to say you can pay £45 etc to get feedback on the paper which may help you see where your weaknesses lie or it could just be it was the wrong time like me and the pressure got too much x
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    Really sorry to hear that, but i have to agree - 3 in one go is a lot! But don't give up - you will get there!

    I studied through distance learning as well - who are you with?
    I would advise doing DFS on it's own and then PEV and PCR together. I also did one of Sandy Hoods revision courses for those which is what i am sure got me through the exams.

    I don't post on the forum often but it is great to look at as so many people ask the same questions that you might and people are so helpful.

    Keep going, it might feel horrible at the moment but you've got this far....

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    You may find it helps if you post your location in your profile, perhaps you could 'team up' with some folks locally then?
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    Also just to add to the advice above, think of it like this: you've done the work for the three subjects already, it's just you haven't reached the required pass mark. It's not like you have to start 3 new subjects from scratch as you've covered most of it already, the exams were a kind of 'mock' if you like.... I understand though it will put your plans back a bit but you should be an expert in the subjects by the end and it's only a few months to get back to where you wanted to be. My advice would be do it all again, concentrating on say DFS as your priority subject. Be as enthusiastic about the subjects as much as peter stringfellow is about getting ****!

    Also as the cliched saying goes; the best accountants never pass first time :)
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    thank you everyone. You've been a big help and i'm feeling a little better about it. I am studying with kaplan, does anyone know if there is extra assistance for re-sits? i knew at the time 3 exams was a lot, i was due to sit pev and pcr last december but bailed as i was nowhere near ready. I felt that in june as well but my work were paying for the exams and they had to be sat. There is no chance of me giving up now. I've worked too hard for too long to throw the effort away.
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    Know how you feel. I had 5 exams in one week and failed four. I am going to resit 2 in December and 2 next June. Think you can request copy of your papers but it does cost quite a lot. They will send you something for free but doesnt really help you in seeing where you went wrong.

    Dont be disheartend.
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    I did the same with my Intermediate level, thought distance learning was a good option, but it wasnt for me, I postponed my first exams, then failed my second miserably. I felt like I would never pass...

    I then transferred onto Kaplans 'normal' in house course and within 3 months I'd passed both Intermediate papers and now I have passed my first 3 Technician papers first time.

    Maybe worth thinking about doing it in college?

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    flower wrote: »
    Know how you feel. I had 5 exams in one week and failed four. I am going to resit 2 in December and 2 next June. Think you can request copy of your papers but it does cost quite a lot. They will send you something for free but doesn't really help you in seeing where you went wrong.

    Dont be disheartend.

    I spoke to AAT this morning and they would be sending a free copy of each individual review to people who are not competent only on Friday. Therefore instead of appealing for a failed exam, it is better to wait for a free review and then if you are not OK with the report, them you can pay £125 to AAT for a review of your paper. you have to look at aat answers and point out where you think you perform OK and was marked wrong thereafter.

    hope this helps
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    Sorry for seeming dence do you have to ask for the review or is it just sent???
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