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i have passed my final 3 technician exams now (sat DFS, PEV & BTC in june) and am looking to go on and study Cima...

does anyone know how this course is structured and what exeptions i would get?
i have had a look on the website was getting abit confused...

any help would be very much appreciated...



  • Lou1234
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    From the look of it you get exemptions for C01, C02, C03, C04 and C05 (so all of certificate level) but you have to pay the exam fee for each exemption still.

    Not sure about the structure - I just know the above as I was having a read during my lunch break!
  • mattyj3nks
    mattyj3nks Registered Posts: 28 💫 🐯 💫
    ok thats great,

    please let me know if you find out any more useful information that would make things easier for me to understand...
  • Lou1234
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    Hi Matty,

    I do home study with Premier Training and found out the info on their website. They have a section on CIMA (and ACCA) with deadline and exam dates, exemptions and things like that. Could be useful to have a look there as it is set out quite nicely.

    Oh and congratulations on passing your final exams!!
  • crispy
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    On completion of aat (NVQ levels 3 & 4) you would be exempt from the cima certificate level (there is a fee - cannot remember how much). Your first exams would be at the operational level (Papers P1, E1 and F1) you will find that P1 and F1 follow on nicely from aat - E1 is a waffle style business paper but you will probably be familiar with a lot of it anyway.

    Have a look at the cima website - there are sample exam papers to look at. I carried on straght from aat and would recommend if you are going to take cima at some point then do the same.
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