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I have passed everything now, woo hoo! And I would like to become a full member but I am worried that my work experience is not going to be sufficient as I've not got a traditional accountancy type of job. I work in the public sector as an administrator, there are several parts of the job that are finance related but will it be enough?
My job includes preparing quarterly financial reports/analysis, paying invoices, setting up requisitions and goods receiving, issuing invoices, dealing with supplier queries, preparing costings for projects, dealing with expense claims, reclaiming expenses, reconciling credit card bill. Plus lots more admin related stuff.
Does anyone have any experience of applying and their work experience not being adequate?

Also could my tutor be my professional referee?

Any advice would be welcomed, thanks


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    You need one year's full time work experience or the equivalent in part time experience, depending on what percentage of your work is accountancy related.

    This also needs to be verified.

    If you log into your MyAAT account and start putting your work experience in.

    You need - information about your EMPLOYMENT, a REFEREE and and a brief outline of your DUTIES.

    I work part time, about 25 hours a week and more than 50% of my work is accounts related. I have submitted work experience for the period 27 November 2007 to 31 May 2009.

    On this basis, the AAT calculate that I have 54 qualifying weeks, therefore I am 2 weeks over the 52 required.

    As I work for a small company, I asked the Accountant who audited the accounts to verify me.

    Also, you can only submit work experience you have gained since you became a student member of the AAT, which is why I couldn't claim experience for work before 27 November.

    Hope this helps.


    *Edit - this is taken from an old post to give you an idea.
    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
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    Thanks for reply annie, the bit i'm worried about is whether my duties are adequate as work experience. I may give aat a ring and ask them.
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    Here's a list I got forwarded from Rach off here (who was sent it by AAT) of tasks they accept for work experience.

    Acceptable duties which can be counted towards meeting our work experience requirement are as follows:

    Purchase ledger

    Sales ledger

    Profit & loss account

    Balance sheets


    Bank Reconciliations


    Monthly Reports (Accounts)

    Signing off annual accounts

    Petty cash



    Accounts preparation

    Budgets & Cash flow

    Management accounting

    Tax & VAT





    Credit Control

    Nominal Ledger postings


    Updating stock records

    Timesheets & clock cards

    Payment of suppliers
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    Good to know, I am on secondment in the Finance Dept of my workplace for just under a year, I shall look at submitting work experience as I go along then I think. Hopefully I will be able to submit enough!
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    thanks for that ak02 much appreciated
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