(Another) ACCA funding thread

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I know the discussion between ACCA and CIMA has run many times and this is not meant to start the discussion up again.

Now that I got my AAT, I would like to move on to ACCA. However, my work is more inclined towards CIMA.
I work in industry and even though I should really get a different job, before moving to the next study, I would like to get started.

Anyways, I would rather do ACCA because it's a wider base (in my opinion) and more internationally known. This is not a proper argument for work and I am hoping someone here could give me some ideas of how to motivate to my work why I would rather do ACCA instead of CIMA, without loosing either funding or my chances to grow to another job within the company.

Has anyone got any tips?

I am happy to fund ACCA myself, but if my work offers to support me through ACCA, it means they are happier to help me when needed and I might get some study leave. I will need to secure the funding before starting, or my work will not give any funding, as they insist on having a say in where I study, how I study and all the rest... So I need some proper arguments as to why they should fund ACCA instead of CIMA.

Anyone has any tips, reasons or suggestions for me that they can think of/ have used succesfully?

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