Cbe fra?

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Anyone got any tips for this exam?

Many thanks


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    cbe FRA

    Hi Abbie
    In reply to your previous post aswell, I had always done paper based exams and was very nervous of the cbe. I tried the one on this website lots of times and couldn't pass it. My tutor then gave me the answers and I could see where I was going wrong and what sort of answers they were looking for. I do have a set of answers so if you want to give me your email address then I can scan them at work and send them to you, but my last day before 2 wks hol is Thursday, so you need to be quick, otherwise give me your address and I'll post them to you.
    I did find it easier after having done the cbe with the answers.
    Don't worry though, the hardest part is clicking the finish button, knowing you will get your result as soon as you have logged off.
  • Abbie28
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    Hello Im a little late replyin but ill try and get a hold of my tutor thank you for that. Ill give it a go and see if i do better each time :) thank you evr so much and enjoy your holiday hope you have a nice time.

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