Exam Results on My AAT

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I was just wondering if anyone could confirm what my exam results section on My AAT means.

I took both FRA and ECR in June and got e mail and postal results saying I was competent in both sections of both exams, however, if I look on My AAT exams results it says I was absent, does anyone have any idea why this is and please let me know as i am quite worried about it!


  • Andypandy
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    I'd give them a call.
  • jayne.pope@irml.net
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    Hi - mine says the same and I was defnately there and passed! I will give them a call
  • zara5034
    zara5034 Registered Posts: 170 ? ? ?
    I Did e mail them the other day, so if I don't get a reply I will call them.

    I have a feeling it is because i was entered to take the exam in Plymouth but persuaded my local college to let me sit there instead as it made a 2 hour saving on journey time! I did nofity the AAT of this though.
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