Contract/no contract Law?

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Hi All
I'm looking for a bit of advice on contract law regarding internet connectivity.
The company that I work for required a new ISP as the old one was shocking. I spoke to our telecoms company that supply our phone hardware support, lines and calls and asked them if they could set us up with an internet connection. They did set us up and everything was going swimmingly.
This was a year ago now and I would like to move to another company as I have found it cheaper elsewhere. The issue I have is that I don't have a contract, so am I obliged to give them notice on the product or do I do the decent thing and give them 1 month?

Any thoughts/ideas/inspiration would be appreciated!


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    Sykes66 wrote: »
    I don't have a contract

    I'd be surprised if this is the case! Its often a year, sometimes 2.

    I wouldn't jump at the cheapest either. We use Zen who aren't particularly cheap but they're very good whenever theres a fault. They even sorted out BT when they made a mistake!

    My point is, you often get what you pay for, and with business you need good service.
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    The company that I am using at the moment arent very much cop . They are a reseller for the company who I have found to be cheaper.

    Their customer service is terrible, when you call you speak to a jumped up admin person who rants at you like it's your fault that the internet has gone down and haven't been very helpful at all so it's not just the costs involved that has made me think twice, it's the overall package.
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