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Can anyone confirm the HMRC requirements for dormant accounts? I dont think there are any but just need confirmation.


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    You don't usually need to submit any dormant accounts. Just advise HMRC that the company is dormant and that you will notify when the company (re)commences trading.
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    Please visit HMRC website for more information:

    Forms for previously dormant companies
    You should use form CT204 (Review) to decide whether your company or organisation has to deliver a Company Tax Return.

    Use form CT204 (Active company) to tell HMRC that your previously dormant company or organisation is now active. You can find help to complete this form in the CT204 (Notes).

    CT204 (Review) (PDF 66K)

    CT204 (Active company) (PDF 71K)

    CT204 (Notes) (PDF 51K)

    Trading and non-trading for Corporation Tax explained
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