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I am currently studying the foundation part of my AAT and now I am looking to enter myself for exams however since the course has changed slightly I am having difficulty finding a centre which will accept external students. I am based in Northampton and don't mind travelling a little, does anyone know of any centres suitable for me?


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    If you're looking to sit the CBAs, the nearest place I know for definite is the BPP study centre in Cambridge, where external students can sit the CBAs every Friday at 10am (You need to book at least three days in advance).

    However, it's worth checking out the Kaplan and BPP centres that are closer to you to see if they run AAT CBAs for external students. For example, Milton Keynes has both a Kaplan and BPP study centre.
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    There's Nottingham also, just up the M1 if you're driving.
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    There is also Bpp in Manchester and Birmingham, if thats any use to you.

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    I have a similar problem. Anyone know of a centre in the Exeter area taking external (level 3) candidates?


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    Hi Richard,

    If you call BPP on 0845 2262422, they will let you know where theie nearest centre is to you.

    Hope this helps

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    Have you tried the local colleges i know where i used to go are doing re-sits for external students from old standards???
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    BPP is who I'm studying with via distance learning but their nearest centre is Bristol. I could do with taking the exams closer to home!
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    Unfortunately, Bristol BPP may be your only option. You also need to check that Bristol BPP offers AAT CBAs for external students. The BPP website suggests that Bristol BPP may only offer CBAs for ACCA and CIMA for external students - see the bottom of the following page:


    It's worth giving BPP a ring about this. You could also try Kaplan in Bristol.

    I'm in a situation where I will have to travel for over an hour to get to my nearest BPP centre, Liverpool. However, they allow you to sit two CBAs in a single day on a Friday, one at 10am, the other at 2pm. This is probably what I will do.
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    accountancy plus training offer CBA's for external students, I did my level 2 there in May. They have centres in Exeter, Taunton and Plymouth. really helpful as well.
    www.aplustraining.co.uk or 01752 256610.
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