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Is anyone going to study ATT after AAT without experience? Is it possible to find a job or work experience after completed ATT?

Many thanks.


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    ATT Next?

    I am just finishing my project for AAT and then I plan to go on to ATT.

    I have no experience. However, I have just started a job which is 2/3 accounts and 1/3 tax so I will gain experience while I am studying.

    I think a lot of firms are taking on part qualified people to pay them a little less but its worth it to gain the experience. When you apply tell them you are part qualified and then when you get an interview you can list the papers you have done even if you have not sat the exam.

    Hope this helps.
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    I am going to do ATT once I have finished in December - fingers crossed! I have sent off for the reistration form as I believe you need to be a member for 6 mths before you can take your first exam and I want to take an exam in May 11
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    study ATT

    Thank you guys.

    I've contacted ATT, their suggestion is try to find voluntry work in the local firms, because my work does not relate Taxation and accounting.

    If I do study ATT, how many papers shall I take in May and November 2011?

    Many thanks

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