Portfolio from Foundation Level

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Hi all

First of all congratulations to everyone who has passed and is ready to start their next year!

I have enrolled at a different college for my second year as Level 3 at the college I attended last year was going to cost £1600 whereas I am now paying approx £200!

Do I just go and ask for my portfolio back or should it just be sent out to me as I have not re-enrolled at last year's college?

Many thanks


  • Beautiful_bobo
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    They should give it back to you but makesure that all the skills tests and exams have been signed off and your record of achievement is updated on the AAT website.

    I would pick it up personally........
  • coojee
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    They won't send it back to you unless you specifically request it and they will probably charge you postage as well. As Beautiful_bobo says, best to pick it up in person.
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