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Hi All

I put a thread on here a month or so ago asking the difference between Sage Line 50 and Sage Professional, as I had been for an interview for an accounts position and the company had bought Sage Professional. Bearing in mind not one person in the company had even used Sage, everything was on excel. I did not get the job because I used Sage Line 50 and not Sage Professional.
I managed to do a trial run on Sage Professional and I got an email from Sage saying that they are almost identical apart from, purchase/sales orders. The job I went for is still being advertised, so in a moment of madness I emailed the woman and told her what the difference was between the two Sage packages.....did I do the right thing!!!! what would others have done.

Hope your Friday is going as good as mine, I am still reconciling the bank....


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    Unlucky you did not get the job. i would phone and ask for some feedback. if the job is still vacant, ask if you could reapply and maybe going on your feedback from the company, change some parts of the interview where they felt you were lacking.

    persistance i say. if you can work one system and as sage have said there are minor differences, there should be no problem picking up the differences, you could maybe also say that you could show people how to do basic functions.

    Good luck, and keep trying.

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    Many Thanks for that. I will do that tomorrow. Nothing to lose.....

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