Study after AAT - CIMA?

Chris B
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Just to make anyone aware. I sat the June AAT L4 exams and was lucky enough to pass them. Results came out on 16th August. The 2 providers near to me (Newcastle upon Tyne)for CIMA, Kaplan & BPP both commenced 2 CIMA Operations level modules before my exam results even came out. Restricting any AAT student to only 1 module to study. As CIMA only has 4 days of teaching per module this means 1/4 of the class time is taught before an AAT student could study (without wanting to tempt fate by commencing CIMA and then finding that they have failed AAT and have to stop CIMA but only after paying all of the membership fees and enrolment costs).

This is not a whinge about CIMA or the providers but this is an attempt to make people aware that if you're looking to continue studying after AAT you have very little time to think about your options after you sit your June exams. If you're comfident you've passed your AAT 4 papers after you sit them then you're probably fine to enrol for CIMA before you get you're results, but if you're not and you want to wait and see what your results are first, then you need to be swift.....
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