anyone doing the new system - online assignments?

hi all

i was doing the old system with paper assignments and simulations and then had to restart again on the new system as i missed the deadline to register with AAT.

ive just done my 3rd online assignment and was baffled, apologies if this seems thick - ive had 2months off from studying whilst they sorted it all out online and i feel like im back to square one tbh.

ok so basically, we had to do accounts for motor vehicles, acc dep'n and disposals - they gave us a list of transactions that took place in this time etc and we had to put it on the accounts correctly and balance it off. now when i did the paper based ones, on the disposals account, we balanced it by putting the remainder amount as P+L - there wasnt this option so i had to use c/d and b/d. does that seem right to you?
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