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Just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas on which books to use this year, BPP or Osborne??

Im just starting Technician or Level 4 as it now is and dont know which books to use this year. (Last year i used a combination of BPP and Kaplan but didnt really get on with the Kaplan ones).

My college has secured very good student discounts on both suppliers but i cant seem to decide which ones to buy!

Also, i notice from the form BPP has a seperate text, question bank, workbook and passcards whereas Osborne simply has tutorials and workbooks... all four on BPP would cost £28.20 whereas Osborne is £17.55. I dont mind paying more but would just like to know other peoples views on both before i spend anything!!

Please help!


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    I've only ever used BPP during level 2 and 3, so cannot comment on other publishers. I've passed the exams so far, therefore cannot complain although they can be prone to the odd mistake in text or numbers (not good for books that are supposed to make things clearer)!

    I'm experiencing a delay with receiving the BPP this year - see my other thread, not sure if others are having the same issues.

    Sorry if I've mudded the waters somewhat!

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    In college we used the Osbourne books, These are alright - but you do not get the answers for some of the student activities.

    I bought the BPP book, and found these really good. They break everything down and make it really simple to understand. They do not seem to throw a lot of information at you in one go. There are a lot of practice papers and activities also, which really help.

    I have just but a Kaplan book for PCR/PEV - I am not getting on very well with this one at the moment.. but seems the same as the BPP one.

    I'd go for BPP... Good luck!
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