BPP text book delay?

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Has anyone else experienced a delay in acquiring the text books by BPP for the QCF AAT level 4?

Having corresponded with them a couple of months ago, they said that most of the books would be completed at the beginning of August with the rest following soon after.

I ordered from Waterstones on 18th August and they still haven't received them from BPP. An email to BPP a couple of days ago has yet to have been replied.

So much for the early study start during the Summer break, now it looks like I may not even receive them in time for college next week!

This year has been a real pain in so many ways, a brand new college without a properly working phone and system setup yet, an increase in course price, no Government assistance and the change to QCF from NVQ delaying the text books!!!


  • jenny3549
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    I think it applies to all the providers. I have ordered all the units for level 4 from Kaplan but only received two so far as the others still aren't ready. Kaplan have said that the AAT took so long to let them have the relevant information that they are really behind. The same thing probably applies to BPP.

    It is frustrating. I have been restricted on which unit I can start with and even then, having read through the book, made my notes I can't go any further as I'm waiting for the progress tests/revision kits.
  • Toffeemadblue
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    Same for me, Kaplan have sent the BTX and the FNPF but nothing else is ready. Also they seemed to sugest that they were unable to publish when CBA were bing held as they were still waiting on AAT
  • rawtec
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    It would seem then, that most publishers are pushing hard to get these books produced.

    Received an email today, saying that one of my book purchases has been despatched. Unfortunately, it's not one of the two units I begin with next Thursday. Ah Well.
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