Need a quick hand please!

Would someone do me a little favour?

I don't have access to Sage Instant for another 3 weeks, but I need to try something out, so if someone could try this for me I'd really appreciate it.

On the journals screen, you have the following fields:

N/C, Name, Details, T/C, Debit, Credit

If you fill these in in EXCEL like-a-da-so:

1200,[blank],TRF In,T9,100,0
1200,[blank],TRF Out, T9,0,100

And copy the range and paste it into the Journals, does it automatically crosscast them into the correct locations?

I know some apps do this by default because when you copy a range in Excel, it's automatically converted on the clipboard to use tabs to separate cells horizontally, and returns to separate each row.

I'm preparing a payslip generator which then generates the double-entry journal for the transaction. It'd be a nice touch if the user could just copy and paste the journal, but I don't know if it'd actually work.

Would be really appreciated! I tried it on Sage's Test Drive system, but the Test Drive uses its own clipboard so you can't copy and paste from your PC into the Test Driven Sage.


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