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ha an interesting email from a college buddy thought i would share:-

Hi Mrs how are you doing, sorry to hear about your results, buy hey ho I failed MAC, well I didnt it would seem they have marked someone elses paper and given me their results, all because I moved seats. I have to resit the paper in November, I have had to put a formal complaint in, but it does not change the results. Who's ever results I got only answered one question in the whole of the paper correctly.

This rings alarm bells i wasnt going to appeal but to be honest am having second thoughts the reason being i know when i have looked back at feed back i was a little confused as i know some areas i got the exact same answers also there was a few who came out saying they hardly answered all the questions and they still passed.

The examiners wrote in pencil our names on the papers when it said not too we went in ten mins late and there was a really big fuss over table numbers from which i do remember.

But then i get this:-

Yes they asked me to resit the exam in college and I got over 90% correct in each section. Mo has put in a letter for me because he knows that the results I have got are incorrect. Both tutors have put something together for me I sent it all of to the AAT but it has made no difference, the only thing that gets to me is that someone out there has my pass and deep down they must know there results are incorrect. However they are not going to admit it. That is one of the reasons why I have not gone back to do the ACCA.

so it seems even if you do get an appeal you still have to re-sit anyway, so what do you do?????

At this moment in time am even reconsidering whether or not to even bother finishing and doing the re-sit and just forget it!


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    That's disgraceful! Really, really bad.

    If your friend can bear to, formally complain to the AAT and don't take no for an answer if she is sure that the wrong paper was marked as hers.
  • A-Vic
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    That's disgraceful! Really, really bad.

    If your friend can bear to, formally complain to the AAT and don't take no for an answer if she is sure that the wrong paper was marked as hers.

    Already been done but it seems they still have to resit, am gutted for her and she has had the support of the college but the result stands at this moment in time i feel the whole exam centre papers should be remarked.

    Also the college isnt offering computer based exams for re-sits she was planning to go back to do ACCA but has cancled that
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    I know of a student who was told that he was absent from his ECR exam and he swears blind he was there. I've even got the e mail he sent me when he came out of the exam telling me all about it. His employer was none too happy as they'd given him time off for it so they thought he was sciving. The AAT never did back down, he gave up his studies in the end.

    Another student was told she'd passed sections 1 and 2 but failed section 3 of the PLB exam. There is no section 3 in a PLB exam. She questioned it and instead of getting her paper out and checking it the AAT just said, oh yes there's no section 3 so you must have passed. I'd seen past papers she'd done in the run up to the exam and I'd be amazed if she really had passed as they were quite poor.

    I think this kind of thing happens more times than it ought to.
  • Andy Blyth
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    All of these stories are really bad. If these are true, it sounds like a major shake-up is required for exam procedures.............
  • Jon_1984
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    How about something simple like numbering each exam paper both on the main front cover and on a small perforated section of the front cover. As you leave you remove the perforated part in front of the examiner and take it with you - proof you completed that paper in the event of appeals.
  • Rachey
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    Or more simply... Go off the AAT membership numbers that each student puts on the front of their papers!!!!!! I was under the impression they did that anyway! Its a shock to me that they mark it off table numbers, it's open to errors!
  • A-Vic
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    that was the thing tho why even have table numbers on the exam paper anyway??? why not like been said just membership numbers
  • Primble
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    the table number logic is rubbish anyway as where i go my number always get changed if there is more than one exam going on in the same room. its happened every time in at least one exam. i end up just putting my new number on the exam and hoping they will look at student number
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    Having just finished my Unit 17 audit this morning I am a bit frazzled so apologies if I am going over old ground.

    Everything has been answered apart from the fact that someone presumably ended up with your mates paper and hence has probably passed or certainly had a better chance of pasing with your mates paper than their own. This just CANNOT be correct.

    Wouldnt even bother with AAT I would be going to the top examination board in the UK to explain what has happened because by the sounds of this it is really really poor and needs investigating!!!

    I would also mention to the AAT about their code of ethics to us as students (and the fact that we as students have to maintain professional standards etc etc) and that the least we should expect is our own paper marked and the correct result given to us! I would not be backing down and I would not be resitting, I would want MY paper marked and MY pass or fail confirmed!
  • PGM
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    You can only hope the mistakes are relatively low....

    Still, seems a shame to quit because of this. And why quit ACCA, what have they done :D
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