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Well today, the day that I have thought of for so long, has finally come

Today I received an email from my tutor saying my project had been assessed and it was deemed competent. What an amazing feeling of weight shifting from my shoulders! Have now done my exit interview and hopefully I should have some letters after my name soon enough……

What I would like to say is this; I found the exams extremely easy, passed them all first time and out of all eight exams, six of these took me about an hour to complete (PEV and PCR were difficult in that I had so much to write about!). But I am not here gloating about that because we each have the things we are good at and the things that we may struggle with from time to time.

I started AAT in Aug 2005. I finished my last exam in Dec 2008. If I had of been motivated, I could have been 2/3 through CIMA by now. What stopped me? My project. You see I made friends with Mr Procrastination and after finally getting around to starting my project I have now finished it. I found it hard to begin (where to start etc) but I got stuck in and eventually had way too many words for my own good (I had to trim from 5,000 but stopped at 4,500 because I couldn’t take anymore out!) and I now sit here with an email telling me I am competent. How I wish I had done this 3 years ago!

Guys, if you are stalling on your project – DON’T. Seek help, get ideas floating around, speak to your boss or tutor. Just get it done as early as possible

Good luck everyone, stick at it! AAT has given me the best grounding in accountancy. CIMA (and then Tax) here I come!


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    Definitely don't stall the project. I got mine done very quickly, I just wanted it out of the way, and I'd rather the tutor come back with a few things that need changing rather than me spending months getting through it.

    With the exams, you don't get to know your %, so maybe you passed by or fair margin or maybe you didn't :D

    I always think I could have started ACCA sooner, but I wouldn't have got the good grounding I got from AAT.
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    “I always think I could have started ACCA sooner, but I wouldn't have got the good grounding I got from AAT.”

    That’s exactly my view too PGM. After a week in my first year my tutor asked me if I wanted to move up to Intermediate – I should of in hindsight because it was basic fundamentals – but I wanted to get my grounding right. I don’t regret that either….I DO regret changing from going to college two nights a week to doing technician at home. I’m sure my college tutors would have got a project out of me in no time!

    As for not knowing if I scraped through or not…..well, the questions were all straight forward and I always double-checked my workings!
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    Agreed! There is plenty of help out there for the project so don't put it off and delay getting your MAAT status.
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