Early settlement discount

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I wondered if anyone has a formula for calculating what the cost of giving a settlement discount is.

I'm looking to use it as an incentive for a new customer to pay part up front and part within 7 days of completion of a project.

For example I need to calculate the interest we will gain by having the money in our bank from day 7 rather than waiting until day 30, so that I can calculate what percentage discount I can offer and how much gross profit will be lost.




  • sdv
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    Try this [thread=25739]interesting link[/thread]
  • oakley
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    At the moment with interest rates so low you could save the trouble of working out the formula as interest received will be just over 0, so the cost will be the discount given.

    maybe not the answer you are looking for but you could spend more time doing other things.
  • Yestin
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    I agree...also depends on the kind of invoice values we are talking about, if not much then really no point in working it out...like the above post said you can do other things....like a chocolate run!! Yorkie for me please!!
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