BPP or Kaplan text book?

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Hi all,

Which is better, BPP or Kaplan books?

I used Osborne last year and didn't like it as my tutor used it chapter by chapter, line by line every lesson!!

Also, my new tutor is referring to it this year therefore I think it would be best if I used a different book for at home.

Please advise.


  • meibaker
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    hi, i am using osborne books with my study provider, but i am not too keen on the books, so i always buy bpp book on the side to aid my study as i am distance learner. and it really helped me!
    bpp book is very easy to understand, but i never used kaplan book before!so not too sure on their book!
  • staceyx
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    Thankyou :)
  • Rinske
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    I used the BPP books for level 3 and the Osbourne books for level 4. I prefer the Osbourne books over the BPP books.

    For CIMA F1, I bought the Kaplan books and I don't like them much, but I'm not sure if they use the same type, setup, layout etc for the books for AAT.
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