Benefits for employing AAT staff

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Hi there,

Would anyone be able if tell me if there are any financial kickbacks when you employee AAT staff who you help with study support etc



  • Aaron C Rescue
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    Kickbacks?!? As in illegal payments? Maybe you should rephrase your question?
  • Monsoon
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    The only one I am aware of is if they are under the apprentice scheme and then the advantage to the employer is a) the study is fully or part funded and b) you can pay less than NMW.

    I'm unaware of any other financial incentives. Let me know if you hear of any!
  • blondeturtle
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    For apprentice's:
    If they're under 19 then the studying is free. If they are over 19 then they get Level 2 and 3 funded by the government. The college then may be able to help with funding for Level 4 (My employer only has to pay £200 for this level).

    If they're in their first year then there is a minimum hourly rate of £2.50. After that they qualify for normal minimum hourly rate for their age.

    Only know about apprentice scheme though.
  • claire162
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    Thanks guys for your help and im glad some of you realised what i was talking about.

    Arron yes i should have probably phrased it better!

    Was just asking as i remember there being some training incentives offered to small businesses last year through the Welsh Assembly but cant find anything for this year.

    I am currently studying the technician level and my friend who has just opened up a small company and may be willing to help me out with experience and if he could have some financial incentive he may be more inclined to help

    Thanks again

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