vat 100 form

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i have the following info to go onto the VAT 100

sales daybook totals
uk sales - standard rate
eu sales zero rate

purchase daybook totals
purchases excluding VAT

analysed cash book totals
vat on cash purchases
vat paid to hmrc

box 1 is the vat due on uk sales
box 2 is nil
box 3 is the total of box 1 and 2
box 4 is the amount already set aside in the cash book for hmrc
box 5 is box 3 less box 4

box 6 total sales inc vat
box 7 total purchases inc at
box 8 eu sales
box 9 nil

is this correct as my book is not too clear on it, and it seems they have plucked the answers out thin air - nothing is calculating correct and i am unsure if it the book or me.




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