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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a reliable and reasonably priced source of company reports? I am looking for credit info, details of directors, turnover, corporate struction etc.

Many thanks in anticipation,



  • burg
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    I tend to use Veriphy ( A Company credit report is £7.95. I've not used this part as I use it mainly for MLR checks.

    You can always get accounts etc from Companies House for £1 per document and analyse them yourself. That's what most of these companies do. Chances are though that only abbreviated accounts have been submitted so it won't tell you a lot.

  • blobbyh
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    One of our consultants subscribes to Hoovers, a company research division of Dun & Bradstreet, that has a huge worldwide database. Ours was subscription based, however there is a free site though not sure how much info this'll offer you.
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