DFS Revision with Steve

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Hi all

I know I said I wasn't doing any study days for DFS this time around but due to some welcome changes in my work commitments this last week, I am happy to say I can fit a weekend in!

I am loking to do one revision course for DFS candidates on Saturday 6 November in Manchester. The day will be a revision only day so I will expect you to have at least covered the basics in either other classes or via distance learning. I won't have the time in the day to start from scratch!!

The day will cover:

- Single entity financial statements
- Consolidations
- Statement of cash flows
- Ratios (everyone's favourite!!)
- Report writing

Basically, everything you need to know to pass DFS!!

All my past classes have produced an avergae pass rate of 99% and I am going to charge £25 per student, but I would like these proceeds to be donated to my niece's charity (see my signature strip). If you would like to be enrolled on the day please email me:

[email protected]

Best wishes


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