Just did unit 32 - really struggled! Also change over question..

Hi all,

I have just done the Unit 32 Professional Ethics simulation and found it really hard! Thought I had revised loads but quite a few questions threw me off! Anyone find this?

Also, I know its probably been asked before so I apologise in advance, but I have passed unit 5 and have just done unit 32 (prob failed though!) so still have 3 units left to do. I am a bit worried about completing level 3 before the change over as I am going away in Feb for a month, and I work full time so I fit my studies in when I can. Any advice as to what what would happen if I hadn't completed everything by next June? (or whenever the change over is) I am going to attempt unit 6 next.

Thanks alot,



  • JaffasGirl
    JaffasGirl Registered Posts: 387
    if you havent completed by june, you will automatically be switched over. Might be an idea to check and see what the best units are to complete first, so that when you get to that point, you may not need to do all the exams.

    Bpp have something on their website that if you put in what units you have done, it will tell you what you have left on the new standards, you may even be better off changing now. Worth checking it out.
  • amyjayne27
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    Hi Jaffas,

    Thanks for your reply. I have had a look on that site and it looks as if Unit 32 Professional Ethics (the one I have just done) will be void if I do change over. This is such a nuisance! I really dont want to have wasted the time and money doing this unit if it is going to be void come June!

    Its really frustrating!

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