ACCA new member ceremony

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For any of you who have done ACCA, did you go to the new member ceremony they do? and what did you wear? i've got quite a 'dressy' dress for it and don't want to be over dressed!


  • Bluewednesday
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    Is it the affiliate one or the membership one? For the affiliate one it was business suits although people did turn up wearing jeans - but did look out of place.

    Usually they let you know the dress code.
  • stevef
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    There are no new Affiliate events, the new Member events are replacing them. This was to reinforce the message that membership was the goal and that becoming an Affiliate was a milestone (a significant milestone near the end) along the route to becoming a Member.

    In Wales we have just agreed that the event include a drinks reception and sit down dinner. The dress code will I assume, be lounge suits. In England I think a buffet format is being adopted but I expect the dress code is the same.
  • Andypandy
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    LBD time ladies!!
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