project with premier training

meibakermeibaker Trusted RegularPosts: 481Registered
just a quick warning to anyone who do project through premier training, get it out of the way at the begining, as it will take 6 weeks to get you first draft back (only half the project)
it is going to be a very long process......


  • jewels.pjewels.p Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 1,774Registered
    Yeah I found that too. I sent it off at the end of July and only got my first draft back last week. Although the tutor did tell me there was a backlog. I just hope it doesnt take that long when I submit the second draft.
  • Lou1234Lou1234 Well-Known Posts: 210Registered
    I think the tutor is just really, really busy at the moment. I got my first draft back in good time but that was months and months ago. I'm waiting on my 2nd draft at the moment which I sent back at the start of July (I think from an e-mail I had that it is nearly ready to be sent back to me).
  • meibakermeibaker Trusted Regular Posts: 481Registered
    i wish i know that before, so could submit a lot early! hopefully it will be all done by Feb.
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