Unit 10 Using Case Study - Co-ordinating Work Activities

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I am doing the cased study for Unit 10 and have found the analysis of the accounting system ok but wondered how people doing the case study managed to do the second part of the project bearing in mind that they are not actually working in an office.

My notes say that I have to communicate work methods and schedules to colleagues (eg copies of emails, schedules etc), co-ordinate schedules, encourage colleagues to report problems and show evidence of reporting to an appropriate person if I cannot make a decision. Then I have to monitor work activities to see that quality standards are being set. How do I do this when I am not working in an office, not monitoring anything and not corresponding with colleagues at all? Do I produce 'fake' emails and other communications -that doesn't seem right to me.

Any help gratefully received.


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    i was in the same position but I did a memo suggesting a plan of action, I started with what needs to be done, a time plan of when each step should be completed and it would be reviewed by their manger at appraisal meetings etc. it was also to be monitored in their objectives given to them quarterly. I think as long as you put a plan of how it should be achieved and how it will be monitored it will be okay. i did an email attaching a word document (for printing off purposes) which detailed a training plan that I recommend they do. if you would like me to email it to you I can.
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    Thanks nscuffell, that's really helpful. I've PMd you my email address.

    Thanks again for all your help.
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