Sage Barcode link - or not!

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We have just had a barcode system installed and, illogically, it has been programmed to put the barcode in the com code box in product record rather than the barcode box.

As you cannot search on the com code box and everything has been relabelled with the barcode rather than part number (as previous) when I need to produce a sage invoice (rather than through the till) or look up the history of a part I have no way of finding it!!

When I queried it with programmers I was told it is because the barcode box has only been available for the past year and to get it to work they would have to 'do substansial work'. Haven't had any response to my question on why they didn't mention this prior to implementation as yet!

So reduced 40% of my work by having automated cash sales but increased the other 60% trying to trace parts used in repair work - just great.


  • Kecak
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    I don't know a massive amount about programming or databases, but surely it wouldn't take them THAT long to tell the barcode system to "Query database field X rather than field Y"....

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