Can anyone name any charities that have accounting opportunities for students?

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I've browsed this forum briefly and I've gleaned it's a subject that's come up many times before. Students can't get a job without having experience first, and you can't get experience without having experience in the first place!

So I've decided the only option at the moment is to volunteer. I'm looking for charities who definitely having opportunities for AAT students looking to cut their bookkeeping teeth on. Can anyone name any? If so, What was your experience of the charity that you volunteered for?

Unfortunately FairTrade don't have any opportunities (when you think that they would!).


  • burg
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    Not trying to steal all the glory but we are currently recruiting and have omitted the experience part to a degree to be able to give somebody that opportunity. Experience isn't always essential and can sometimes be a down fall.

    People have often said to me about having someone come and work for free gaining experience. The problem is how do you know that they don't have an anterior motive such as trying to steal your clients?

    Would certainly recommend getting some experience by volunteering. Can only help.

    Have a look at where you can see the volunteering requirements of local charities.

    Hope this helps and best of luck with getting some experience.

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    oxfarm is the best
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    Don't forget that Adult health & social care (social services) & Youth services with councils hold charitable status - that's where I 'cut my teeth'.
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