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I'm due to sit a simulation test on Saturday for Unit 31 this coming Saturday. I've been revising SAGE topics this evening, one thing I noticed that when viewing the report files and comparing these to answers to past simulation papers, customer receipts paid into the bank and suppliers payments paid by the bank are coded as T9 codes in the answers, whereas I coded them as T1 as they were VAT goods at standard rate (T1). Any clues as to what is happening?

I also notice that on the simulation answer printouts, payments by credit customers and payments to suppliers have 'payment by cheque' in the report files. I cannot seem to find this statement in my files. Maybe its because I'm using Sage version 55 (from 2003)?


  • AK002
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    Regarding your first question, it sounds like you are posting your answers as a bank receipt/payment instead of using the customer and supplier ledgers?
  • Chelle
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    T9 code is usually stating there is no VAT.
  • Monsoon
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    If you are using Bank>Customer or Bank>Supplier to mark sales or purchase ledger items as paid, then these payments will be T9, as the VAT was accounted for when you posted the original invoice.

    If you are posting Bank>Payment or Bank>Receipt, i.e. a straight Debit Bank/ Cr Sales or Dr Expense/ Cr Bank, then this will be T1 (or other appropriate tax code) as you aren't posting invoices and thus aren't using the sales and purchase ledgers and need to record the VAT in the one transaction.

    Edit: if you are using the first method, Sage automatically allocates the transaction T9, you don't get the option. If you're using the second method then you can change the tax code.
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