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Just taken over as treasurer for a local charity.

Having really only learnt experience through AAT and not a lot of practical experience with all the financial aspects of a company I was just looking for some help.

At the moment the financial records are fairly basic on excel. We have weekly donations which are recorded on book keeping paper and then entered on the spreadsheet once a week (just totals). There isnt really many calculations done on the spreadsheet, very basic additions, not much analysis of data and not really any graphics to help explain the data. Does anyone have any good excel templates for charity accounts/budgeting? I have intermdiate excel knowledge but not really enough to make my own complex workbooks with macros etc just yet.

Also at the moment we are being charged 6 montly do have PAYE done for 1 employee of the chairty. She also has her own business so pays her own NIC etc. I am looking to do this myself as well so save the charity a bit of money (every little helps). Wheres the best place to start with this? I am guessing it is all pretty straightforward ...... Havent done this stuff for a bout a year but it is only 1 employee without any real complications.

Thanks for replies
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