Unit 10 - Bacs

Shell B
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Am am just starting my unit 10 project and the main weakness i can see with the company that i work for is they dont pay suppliers or subcontractors by BACS, its computerised or manual chqs. I would like to base my project on this but could anyone who has done there project let me know if this is a good idea, and have a picked a big enough weakness to base my project on?

Or is there anyone who can give me an idea on the kind of things i can base my project on.

I have a feeling getting started with this project is going to be the hardest part and then once it starts flowing it will fall into place. Well Fingers crossed anyway.

Any help is much appreciated



  • noodles
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    I think this is an excellent topic to base your project on. you will be surprised how many words you actually write, I think i did 4300 in the end.
  • taskey
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    i did it on the same too, and it was easy once you get going.

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