Client moving to Southern Ireland

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I have a client who is trading online and also in the South West. They are thinking of relocating to Southern Ireland and have asked if I can still do there accounts and that they can have their accounts done over here whilst working over there?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • Monsoon
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    If their business is a Ltd Co, I don't see the problem, the company will just have a non-resident director.

    If it's a sole trader or partnership then I'm not actually sure... possibly a double taxation treaty would kick in and he would pay tax in his country of residence. If that was not the UK then unless you know about Irish accounting, you wouldn't have the tools to do it, I don't think.
  • Moobag
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    Thanks for that, has anyone else got any ideas!
  • Fingersan
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    I agree with Monsoon, if it is a UK Ltd company then the company would still need to file accounts at Companies House.

    If he is a sole trade and moves permanently to Ireland, then surely his UK self employment would cease and he would then be under the Irish Revenue and need to complete Iris Tax Returns, something I know little about!
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