Journalling revision

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Hi there

Currently studying for the DFS exam and read on one of the topics thats one of the requirements is to have a good grasp of journalling.
Thought I would do a bit of revision and do a bit of practice on the rules.

Does anyone have a recommendation on where to look for a bit of practice on this.

I started at Level 3 so dont have the first levels books

many thanks



  • Rinske
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    Level 3 has some in it in the financial paper. For the rest, the past exam papers have a number of them in it, although that doesn't explain what has been done why, you could just single out those questions and use them for revision.

    Sorry, not sure what else to suggest, although I'm sure there are loads of other places you could find some!
  • meibaker
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    hi, have a look at past exams, there are only few journal you need to know.
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