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Hi All

In the process of updating my personal profile. I never know exactly what to write in this, i know you need to do most of the selling of yourself at this point to keep the reader interested but i always fall in to the trap of honest and hard working just feel i need a bit more. heres what i have so:-


I am honest and hardworking with a proven record for timekeeping and attendance. My organisational skills are very good and I can adapt to any task or new job given to me. I can work equally well on my own or as part of a team. In order to advance my career I am keen to learn new skills and expand on my education.

it just doesnt grab, any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance



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    With respect Vic, you're mostly saying things that an employer would naturally expect anyway. I would hope you are honest, hard working, able to get to work on time and don't throw random sickies!

    Here's what myself and KS came up with for her CV earlier this year (hope she doesn't mind me quoting this?!):


    If you are seeking an assistant to enhance the day to day running of your accounting department, my experience in accounts preparation, team coordination, implementation of new policies and working as part of a team will prove invaluable.

    Base your opening statement around what you can offer for the future rather than something that you and thousands of others already are. Sell yourself as an asset to a potential employer, not just another droid.
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    thanks Robert just what i was looking for like i said i was falling into the trap of bordem with mine some good ideas there thanks :)
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    Here's some blurb that focuses on you as a person and illustrates your ideals to a prospective employer. So it can be used along with the usual facts and figures re your experience and knowledge. Just a different angle on it that might stand out.

    'I thrive in a working environment where every colleague contributes towards a common goal. Where clear communication, strong teamwork and personal integrity are highly regarded standards shared by all. I appreciate that not all tasks can be completed through teamwork alone and, at times, a greater sense of achievement can be attained through single minded dedication to a project.

    Every organisation is unique and I understand and relish the challenges that this can create. The opportunity to personally progress and grow, to adapt and learn new techniques within a company is something I genuinely care about and strive for.'
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    After months of tweeking mine, I,I,I,I,has to be gone, rephrasing is def a must xx its hard, think of yourself in the third person is my advice xx
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    Fab cheers jill :)
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    Covering Email

    Hi all again

    thanks to everyone for their input an i have now managed to come up with a much better personal profile for my c.v.

    Now i need to put together a covering email. Can i be cheeky enough to ask for any suggestions on how to approach this also.

    Thanks again :)
  • A-Vic
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    this is what i have come up with so far :-

    Please find attached my curriculum vitae for your kind consideration.

    I am very keen to work for
    because of your reputation for quality accountancy services, opportunities for career development and because you are one of the market leaders in the
    . I am currently seeking a position as a trainee accounts assistant or payroll assistant but would be happy to consider other related posts within your organisation.

    I know that accounts assistants need to be flexible, able to produce quality work to tight deadlines and to get results under pressure. These are qualities that my experience shows I possess.

    I am a good organiser and have developed leadership skills and responsibility through my current and previous positions. I always work hard to achieve my goals. I have experience with many computer packages including word-processors and databases and Microsoft Windows and accountancy software and can rapidly learn how to use other software.
    I would be most grateful if you could consider me for any suitable positions available within your company. I am available for interview when requested and look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully
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